Getting picky eaters to eat in the feeding clinic or in their own home can be challenging enough, when you add planning, preparing, cooking, cleaning and eating outdoors, you have another set of challenges! Here are a few tips for camping with a picky eater.

S’mores: Camping and s’mores go hand-in-hand, and kids love to make their own treat! Before they set their marshmallow on fire, start a conversation about texture. Do they want their marshmallow burnt and crispy (like I do) or soft and slightly toasted? Are they willing to try a unique “style” of s’mores? You can do this by using different marshmallow colors (white, pink, yellow) or sizes (mini, regular, jumbo). You can also exchange the traditional chocolate bar for another type of melt-able candy bar. I’ve even switched out the customary graham cracker for a gluten-free cookie! Give a few of these unique s’mores a try and you will have those picky dessert eaters singing around the campfire “…more s’mores!”

Snacks & Meals: Camp food can be fun for us, but a picky eater may have difficultly handling the novelty of camp cuisine. It is important to prep and pack some of their favorite to-go snacks as well as one ‘for sure’ meal for each day you are camping. Pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, hot dogs and PB&J are easy-to-prep meals that are common favorites for hesitant eaters. When trying new camping grub, try to keep meals on the same time schedule that you have at home in order to capitalize on their hunger sensation. And don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to cook, since cooking over the campfire or on a camp stove can take more time and patience.




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