Welcome! MamaNook brings you a showcase of the pregnancy, birth and babyhood wisdom Mother’s Haven has garnered over the years, as well as goods to help you with your journey through parenthood. So, please – reheat your now-cold coffee. Sneak a few minutes between kissing a boo-boo and changing a diaper to have a look around. Check out our original content, or follow links to educational blogs we’re fans of. We welcome any and all feedback, because MamaNook is for you.


Bringing Home Baby (And Your Bottom)

Birth on TV and in movies tends to be overly dramatic, not-too-accurate scenes of women screaming and swearing while in labor. OK, we got the message. Having a baby isn’t a cakewalk. But the media skips over the healing process that occurs over the days or weeks after...

Not Just Bras: Nursing Moms Need Support

Motherhood comes with more than its share of change and responsibility. Community support during these changes is crucial for new moms, especially as they establish and build a breastfeeding relationship with their new baby. The World Health Organiziation (WHO) and...

Nursing Essentials Under $25

Breastfeeding is a natural process but sometimes you need the right supplies to make it easier! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite items for breastfeeding mamas. Check them out and give us feedback in the comments about what else made the early breastfeeding...

Could An Out-of-Hospital Birth Be Right For You?

You will only give birth so many times in your life – each experience should happen as closely to your desires as possible. Are you a second-time mom, looking for a different experience than you had last time? Perhaps you have had a good hospital experience, but feel...

Accepting The Birth You Had And The Mother You Are

Motherhood comes with a lot of warnings. People warn you that childbirth hurts, that you won’t sleep, that you’ll fight with your partner, that you’ll hate going to work and that friends will be lost. Being pregnant was almost like wearing a billboard asking for all...

Babywearing for Bonding & Wellness

In the early days of bringing my baby home, I had three major concerns. The first was that I wouldn’t bond with my baby or love him enough. Unlike what I was expecting, the cascade of emotions after giving birth included stress, fear, anxiety and exhaustion. Love,...

How To Find Your Best Fitting Bra + Why It Matters

Before I had babies, my poor breasts lived in the saddest, cheapest bras I could find. I trusted myself with an armful of random bras in a dressing room, focusing more on how cute they were than how well they fit. Lots of things changed when I had my first child,...

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