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The Pains Of Nursing A Toddler

My stomach and sides are covered in tiny little scratches. My areolas have bite marks. Nursing my toddler is not fun right now. That’s OK to admit, and it doesn’t mean I have to stop breastfeeding. Violet, 16 months, is my third baby. A lot of people consider third...

The Work Out You Haven’t Worked Out

According to Meredith at Mother Figure, not all kegels are created equal. I, for one, was taught that they’re a super easy, brainless exercise that one MUST get into the habit of. Then, my obstetrician, an older gentleman, told me quite bluntly that they’re totally...

What is a doula?

When you are introduced to someone new, there are a topics that seem to come up. Are you married? Do you have kids? Where do you work? When I first became a doula, this last question gave me gave me anxiety because I would say, “I am a doula,” and it would always be...

Surviving Seasons Of Solo Parenting

One of the many efforts to “keep them busy!”. A Valentine’s Day cake made by the author and her three sous chefs. When’s the dad’s away, the mom will… survive Throughout fall, my husband and I were waiting for official word that he’d have to take a...

Bringing Home Baby (And Your Bottom)

Birth on TV and in movies tends to be overly dramatic, not-too-accurate scenes of women screaming and swearing while in labor. OK, we got the message. Having a baby isn’t a cakewalk. But the media skips over the healing process that occurs over the days or weeks after...

Finding My Strength: Pelvic Floor Edition

Making babies: It’s all fun and games until you get a bladder hernia More than 200,000 women are diagnosed with a cystocele annually. When it happened to me, I went to the Internet to read about other women’s stories and was disappointed. It’s so common, but no one’s...

How To Find Your Best Fitting Bra + Why It Matters

Before I had babies, my poor breasts lived in the saddest, cheapest bras I could find. I trusted myself with an armful of random bras in a dressing room, focusing more on how cute they were than how well they fit. Lots of things changed when I had my first child,...

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