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How to Pack a Cloth Diaper Bag

If you’ve got cloth diapering down to a science at home, it’s time to take the show on the road! Most of what you’ll bring with you is no different from what you’d have if using disposable diapers.   Start with a bigger bag! By nature, cloth diapers take up more...

The Village Where Every Baby Nurses

If you had a hard time in the early days of breastfeeding, it’s time to give yourself a break. A recent survey of moms showed that 92 percent of new mothers struggled with latch issues, fears of low supply, and painful or cracked nipples during the early days of...

Play to Learn: A Guide for Parents

Play comes naturally to kids, but not always to adults. Experts and parents agree that play-based and traditional classroom learning are both necessary and profoundly important for a child’s early education — therefore, making time for all kinds of play is...

Doulas: Not Just for First Time Parents

“You don’t need a doula,” said the husband of a former client. “I’ll be there.” They were discussing the upcoming birth of their second baby, dreaming and planning. She made a note to call the doula in the morning, just to chat. A birth doula is a trained professional...


K.C. Loveland is CdA’s premier Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  Specializing in TCM method encapsulation with client safety at the forefront of all processes. She has been serving women in our community for over 7 years; helping women to have a blissful...

The Autumn “Fall Back” to Seasonal Affective Disorder

There are many reasons why returning to standard time is the worst thing about fall. “Falling back” an hour can disrupt all members of the family, especially causing a frustrating shift in naptimes and bedtimes for the youngsters. For me, the few hours between sundown...

How To Find Your Best Fitting Bra + Why It Matters

Before I had babies, my poor breasts lived in the saddest, cheapest bras I could find. I trusted myself with an armful of random bras in a dressing room, focusing more on how cute they were than how well they fit. Lots of things changed when I had my first child,...

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