By Morgan Burke.

I am not a true minimalist, but since becoming a mom, I’m a happily aspiring minimalist and have found so much joy from this approach. At the root of minimalism is the idea that you surround yourself with things, people and habits that bring you joy while eliminating those that don’t. Making smart purchases for baby is one of the most important things you can do to achieve this.

When you’re prepping for baby, it’s really tough to think minimally with ever-growing baby registry lists, an endless supply of products and most importantly, not knowing what your child is going to like. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize quality, consider the extended use of various items, and start out with a set of essentials.


Morgan Burke is the CMO of Green Piñata Toys. Before joining Green Piñata, she helped build parenting communities grounded in valuable resources with a healthy dose of humor for and Fatherly. Morgan is a city mom, marathon runner, wannabe yogi and an absolute tornado in kitchen. She shares her minimalist aspirations and journey through motherhood on the Piñata Blog