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    Since all of us use computer monitors on a daily basis it would be advisable to learn and know something about them. In fact, many people do not know anything about them. Most of them do not know what kind of monitors we have. I’ll do my best to explain you in short what types we do have and how to select proper monitor.First of all, we may separate computer monitors into two main categories, those are flat screen and flat panel monitors. Flat screen displays are CTR monitors while flat panels are LCDs and LEDs. Since CRT monitors are not produced anymore, we will not bother spending time learning about them but we should know that they are called CRT as they use cathode ray tube for image reproduction.LED and LCD monitors are pretty much the same since both of these types use very same technology for image reproduction. Only difference between them is in the backlight that is used. LCDs use cold cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) for illuminating liquid crystals while LEDs use white diodes that may be placed on the one edge of the monitor rim or all around monitor rim. We call those Edge LEDs. Also, white diodes may be placed all around panel matrix and we call those monitors Full Array or Direct LED monitors.LCD computer monitors have many advantages over CRTs and because of their advantages they managed to suppress CRTs from the market. Their usage and implementing started during 1990s but since technology was expensive during that time they were not produced in huge numbers, they are mainly used for producing laptops. During 2000s all mayor manufacturers start producing LCD monitors in bigger amounts and from then until today we may find them on the market.Main advantage of LCDs over CRTs is size since they are lightweight and more compact. Also, they use much less power energy making them more efficient. There is no image flickering and no voltage hazard during repairing.Few years ago manufacturers started to produce LED monitors and during that time they were also pretty much expensive. Since most common type, Edge LEDs, have not had significant advantage over LCDs they have not suppressed them from the market. Nowadays, since they are in same price range we may see that people slowly start to change their LCD for LED monitors since they use less power and may produce more vivid colors, better brightness and deeper black levels. In fact, LEDs use about 20-30% less power compared to LCD monitors.To be honest, LEDs are led panel light capable of producing better and sharper image than LCDs but that is different from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. We may see many LCD displays on the market that may produce magnificent colors and black levels with high response time of just 5ms but that bears the price of almost $1000. Because of that, it is best to spend more time when choosing between LCD and LED computer monitor and closely compare one model to another.