If you’ve got cloth diapering down to a science at home, it’s time to take the show on the road! Most of what you’ll bring with you is no different from what you’d have if using disposable diapers.


  1. Start with a bigger bag! By nature, cloth diapers take up more space, so start out with that in mind.
  2. Plan for the worst! Since babies like to show their blow out and heavy wetting tricks in the most inopportune times, plan for more diapers than you might need. To really be well prepared, have an emergency diaper stowed all the way at the bottom of the bag. Hopefully you’ll never have to see or use it! If you’ll be the one changing babe, bring whatever type of diapers you prefer. When packing for daycare or other childcare settings, try to send whatever you have that will be easiest for a non-expert (typically an all-in-one).
  3. Bring your wet bag! But, also tuck some plastic grocery bags (since every home seems to have a stash of these!) into the bag. These will probably save you more than once. Keep them restocked!
  4. Don’t forget the wipes! No matter what kind you’re using, you’ll want to have them at the ready.
  5. Cream safe for baby bums and cloth diapers! Make sure to pack this, but especially if your little one will be away from you. In that case, instruct caregivers to be sure to only use the cream you’ve packed in order to avoid using creams with a zinc oxide base.
  6. Change of clothes for you and for baby! Okay, maybe not an entire change of clothes for yourself. But the decision to start keeping an extra shirt for me in the diaper bag was one of the best decisions I’ve made.


Tell us what’s in your diaper bag! Whether you’re using disposable or cloth diapers, we want to hear from you!