In the early days of bringing my baby home, I had three major concerns. The first was that I wouldn’t bond with my baby or love him enough. Unlike what I was expecting, the cascade of emotions after giving birth included stress, fear, anxiety and exhaustion. Love, happiness, joy and excitement existed among them but it was a confusing and overwhelming time emotionally.

My second fear was of SIDS. I worried about it more than I thought humanly possible.

My final major concern was that my husband wouldn’t feel as bonded with our baby as I did. Breastfeeding meant I was always sharing this important time with our son. I didn’t know how to address any of these, but thankfully, a solution emerged without me even searching for it.

My husband became interested in babywearing long before I did. When I was pregnant, he researched the best carriers for newborns, and practiced with the wraps and slings before the baby even arrived. For the first few weeks, I, on the other hand, was afraid to babywear. I didn’t know how! It might be too hot! I just had a cesarean! What if he falls?! Dad was much more confident. He fastened that little baby right onto his chest and went about life as normal. The best naps I got were when Dad was wearing our son.

Over time (and with outside help!), my fears and concerns lessened, but I must give a huge amount of credit to babywearing. It bonded Dad to baby right away and grew my bond with baby as I got comfortable with the idea. As the following article from Maya Wrap explains, babywearing also was having a positive influence for my remaining fear of SIDS. While I knew that babywearing was practical and helpful in those early days, I didn’t know of the tangible effects it was having on my physical and psychological well-being.


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