Breastfeeding is a natural process but sometimes you need the right supplies to make it easier! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite items for breastfeeding mamas. Check them out and give us feedback in the comments about what else made the early breastfeeding days easier for you and your little one.

Featuring molded cups, a deep neckline, and low profile shape, this bra is perfect under any shirt! Nursing bras don’t have to feel like suits of armor and this bra proves that. With easy clasps for quick catch and release, this bra will quickly become a favorite.

These cookies are so delicious that the lactation boosting effects can practically be considered a bonus! We encourage you not to tell Dad or the kids how tasty they are and instead act like eating them is a chore. They’ll never know the truth and you’ll get scrumptious cookies and a boost in milk supply. Win-win!

We’re the first to admit that pumping is not usually anyone’s favorite part of motherhood. But, sometimes we have to do it. Pump in comfort and style with the Dairy Fairy Rose Hands Free Pumping Bra! It’s supportive, stylish and discreet enough to wear all day under clothes, plus has no annoying hooks or latches. Pumping becomes less of a chore with a comfortable, functional pumping bra!

These reusable, eco-friendly nursing pads are latex-free, silicone pads with the ability to stick where you place them. No one will see your leaks, or the pads you’re wearing to catch them!  They come in two sizes, as well, so you’re sure to find the right fit. Extra bonus: These can be worn in water!

While we encourage mamas to see a location consultant to resolve any causes of serious discomfort, sometimes even the best latch can cause some soreness. The early days of cluster feeding and getting a latch perfected (and the later days of teeth and distracted babies trying to take their boobie “to go”) can wear on the nipples. These hydrogel nursing pads help cool, comfort and soothe sore, affected skin.

The comotomo baby bottles are designed to most closely mimic breastfeeding. Worried about baby taking a bottle when you need to get out of the house? Fret no more! This bottle is tried and true by breastfeeding moms.

From the same makers of the lactation cookies, this organic lactation tea is available in two flavors. Unlike some lactation teas, one cup of this is truly all it takes to see a difference! It’s even tasty. Find it in coconut flavor for a truly enjoyable tea drinking experience.

Soothe sore nipples with this gentle nipple cream. Designed to be safe for baby, it still offers relief for mama. It even doubles as a top-notch diaper rash ointment!

For busy moms who need to send milk to daycare, grandparents’ house or leave Dad with a snack for the baby, these milk trays are perfect for saving milk in a convenient and eco-friendly way. Freeze your milk into perfectly portioned, one ounce “milk sticks”. These sticks will fit through the opening of all bottles! Ultra convenient for freezing, thawing and serving.

While you may find yourself short on time once baby arrives, we recommend this book for expecting mamas, or as entertainment during the cluster feeding sessions. The more information you’re armed with, the easier breastfeeding will be! Find out what’s normal, what you can expect, how to ease your worries, and ways to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


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