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They Said There Would Be Glowing: Discomfort Remedies for the 3rd Trimester

Your 3rd trimester brings so much anticipation. Just when you thought you should feel “glowing” you may experience the many physical effects from your growing baby. Not to mention the emotional hormonal effects that facilitate the miracle of pregnancy and birth! It’s...

Babywearing for Bonding & Wellness

In the early days of bringing my baby home, I had three major concerns. The first was that I wouldn’t bond with my baby or love him enough. Unlike what I was expecting, the cascade of emotions after giving birth included stress, fear, anxiety and exhaustion. Love,...

Tips for camping with a picky eater

Getting picky eaters to eat in the feeding clinic or in their own home can be challenging enough, when you add planning, preparing, cooking, cleaning and eating outdoors, you have another set of challenges! Here are a few tips for camping with a picky eater. S’mores:...

A New View on Geriatric Pregnancies

Geriatric isn’t a word that comes to mind when discussing a woman in her 30s — unless you’re talking about pregnancy. While the term is reserved for women over 35, it continues to be used to describe a pregnancy by a woman deemed to be procreating late in life....

Bringing Home Baby (And Your Bottom)

Birth on TV and in movies tends to be overly dramatic, not-too-accurate scenes of women screaming and swearing while in labor. OK, we got the message. Having a baby isn’t a cakewalk. But the media skips over the healing process that occurs over the days or weeks after...

The Village Where Every Baby Nurses

If you had a hard time in the early days of breastfeeding, it’s time to give yourself a break. A recent survey of moms showed that 92 percent of new mothers struggled with latch issues, fears of low supply, and painful or cracked nipples during the early days of...

How To Find Your Best Fitting Bra + Why It Matters

Before I had babies, my poor breasts lived in the saddest, cheapest bras I could find. I trusted myself with an armful of random bras in a dressing room, focusing more on how cute they were than how well they fit. Lots of things changed when I had my first child,...

Nursing Essentials Under $25

Breastfeeding is a natural process but sometimes you need the right supplies to make it easier! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite items for breastfeeding mamas. Check them out and give us feedback in the comments about what else made the early breastfeeding...

Soothing Your Baby: The 5 S’s of Sleep

The Happiest Baby on the Block is Dr. Harvey Karp’s unique approach to infant care. His explanation of newborns is that their transition from the womb–a place of immense comfort, warmth, and safety–to the outside world should be considered an extension of...

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