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Soothing Your Baby: The 5 S’s of Sleep

The Happiest Baby on the Block is Dr. Harvey Karp’s unique approach to infant care. His explanation of newborns is that their transition from the womb–a place of immense comfort, warmth, and safety–to the outside world should be considered an extension of...

When Every Day Is A Nightmare: Treating Colic

I’ll just say it: Colic is a nightmare. Hearing your baby cry endlessly, for no obvious reason, is isolating. This probably isn’t what you dreamed motherhood would be like — the double edged sword is that a colicky baby can lead to postpartum depression and...

A New View on Geriatric Pregnancies

Geriatric isn’t a word that comes to mind when discussing a woman in her 30s — unless you’re talking about pregnancy. While the term is reserved for women over 35, it continues to be used to describe a pregnancy by a woman deemed to be procreating late in life....

Not Just Bras: Nursing Moms Need Support

Motherhood comes with more than its share of change and responsibility. Community support during these changes is crucial for new moms, especially as they establish and build a breastfeeding relationship with their new baby. The World Health Organiziation (WHO) and...

Accepting The Birth You Had And The Mother You Are

Motherhood comes with a lot of warnings. People warn you that childbirth hurts, that you won’t sleep, that you’ll fight with your partner, that you’ll hate going to work and that friends will be lost. Being pregnant was almost like wearing a billboard asking for all...

The Three R’s: Relax, Rhythm & Rituals

We offer a huge thank you and deep appreciation to Penny Simkin for her original text and article that can be found here. All credit is due to Penny Simkin and these ideas are her brainchild! Thank you, Penny, for making childbirth just a little bit more relaxing....

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